>17th OCTOBER - Tuesday

Those of you who know me will have noticed quite a dramatic change over the last few days.

I have suffered from scoliosis since the age of eleven, with the disease taking its toll over the years, my curvature now being about 50 degrees.

I've relied upon a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get around over the last six years.  Things came to a head Sunday 8th October. I sat chatting

to God and told Him I didn't think I could cope with another twenty to thirty years of the same or worse.  I decided on a night vigil. 

So it was that I made my way up to bed around Midnight for a few hours of prayer and singing.  I hit the hay around 5 a.m.

I awoke around 8.30 and, rather than my usual crawl across the carpet to the bathroom, I got out of bed, raced down the stairs, out through

the kitchen door and would have done a forward roll on the lawn but the grass looked a bit damp!

Describing my experience over the phone to a friend, she advised me to keep my scooter as a 'back-up' just in case.  I don't think she

understands the nature of miracles, they don't go backwards! 

4th OCTOBER - Wednesday


15th JULY - Saturday

My day began with a call to BT, not the most exciting start to the weekend you might think - you'd be wrong! On the other end of the line was Amrit, BT's 

top secret call handler. It was obvious from the start that here we had someone who was a cut above, the strong confident voice, it's timbre and 

knowledge of his subject, yes, I was instantly impressed, and, after some 30 minutes, during which time we occasionally referred to the bill, all was 

well, and I finished the call, left the house, and made my way into Nuneaton for yet another Saturday adventure!  Full marks Amrit! 

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1st JULY - Saturday

Another excellent day in my journey to Heaven.

It had the usual Saturday treats - a Nuneaton 'adventure' with my brother and other delights, but by far the most surprising and unexpected experience

was my encounter with an Indian call centre worker when I rang National Rail Enquiries. Unlike many of our own call centre workers, Mohammed 

was interesting, interested, with a warmth to his voice that brought its own reassurance. Aside from my enquiry we enjoyed many minutes of

animated and entertaining conversation which I can honestly say made my day!  Thanks Mohammed!!

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21st JUNE - Monday

12th JUNE - Monday

Well, what a stonking day this turned out to be!

A simple visit to Nuneaton this morning turned out to be one of the most charged, surprising, interesting and satisfying I have known

for many months, if not years!  

A simple visit to the barber provided me with the first surprise of the day.  Not long after I was settled in the chair another customer arrived,

long story short, he turned out to be a teaching colleague of mine from the early seventies - from 1971 in fact when I was a naive young teacher

at Arbury High School, now Sir Thomas More.  We spent some time walking along memory lane together, hard to describe and quantify

quite how the encounter has impacted upon me  -  all totally positive and uplifting though.

A very impressive breakfast followed my haircut - try Castillo's in Nuneaton for value:

bacon, sausage, beans, hash brown, fried egg + coffee and biscuits for £2.49!!!

My third encounter was with young Thomas, celebrating his 18th Birthday in three weeks time. He was on the lookout for

Nuneaton Jewellers' and I was happy to point him in the right direction.

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9th MAY - Tuesday

An excellent morning as Richard arrived to sort me out!  He really is very good at it and I have no idea how I get into the mess that I do - I ought perhaps to adopt his more 

minimal lifestyle!

The daily questions continue to invade, what to have for dinner, whether to do the washing, those crucial sorts of things!

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6th MAY - Saturday

OK, OK - yes - another long silence! Life has been hurtling along at a zillion mph!  I'm hoping for a more settled period in  which to

assimilate at least some of its recent challenges and changes. So, this is just a quick note to allay your worries, to assure you I'm

      still in the Land of the Living and that I DOUBLE promise you a more substantial update in the next few days. 

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26th MARCH - Sunday: MOTHERS' DAY

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22nd MARCH - Wednesday

First off, apologies for the long silence - I haven't felt much like committing my thoughts and experiences to paper or screen in recent weeks.

I'm at something of a crossroads in my life where I'm having to do some re-evaluation of my daily experience of pain and the limitations

which my body is trying to put on me are having too much of an effect on my spiritual life. I find myself feeling so very grateful

that the body is only the home of the soul and I'm not stuck with it forever. At least my daily devotions, always including

the singing of a hymn, are keeping me close to God and in the warmth of His love.

Today has been excellent!  Despite the rain and grey skies Michael and I kept our usual appointment with The Ropewalk, Nuneaton.

The highlight of the visit was meeting three young firebrands who were promoting 'Food Smart' and challenging passers by to take 

a look at their diet and introducing us to an app which would enable us to be aware of just how much sugar, salt etc. are included 

in the food we daily consume. With my iPhone and the Food Smart app installed I can now check the barcodes on my food purchases

to see the real picture, ie just how much sugar, fat, salt etc we are consuming. It was an eye-opener and an encouragement to meet

three lively, well-informed and committed young people whose drive and enthusiasm was plain to see.

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31st JANUARY - Tuesday

Another quiet day at home with Richard arriving late morning and we busied ourselves with some filing and tidying up.

Ryan came early evening and finished painting the kitchen and he's made a fine job of it.

Off to bed relatively early after yesterday's all-nighter.

Brother day tomorrow with Michael arriving around ten for us to head off into Nuneaton for another sparkling adventure.

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30th JANUARY - Monday

Well it's almost 2 in the morning and here am I cleaning the copper-bottomed saucepans in my kitchen - long story!

Another quiet day at home apart from a quick visit to my local store to drop off a Collect+ parcel and pick up a few provisions.

My work-room continues to improve with the addition of a few lamps and other bits and pieces.

It's probably time to hit the hay, so with a shout out to Speckle, off we both shoot up the apples and pairs to the land of Nod.

CORONATION STREET - The scene is Roy’s Cafe

Customer: ‘Can I get a latte please?’

What Roy SHOULD have said: ‘No, you stay that side of the counter and I’ll get it for you’

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Having a quiet day at home, reading , and watching the rain trickle down the window pane.

I've been stimulating a debate on Facebook about the lack of Men's Fashion on QVC.  I appear to have ruffled a few feathers and made some

people think and so I'll end my campaign, knowing that QVC still intend to devote most of their airtime to Women's fashion and

beauty products while men remain the poor runners up. It was ever thus.

< ----- >

 Well, what an amazing time with Deb and Steve - a wonderful spread, table groaning under an assortment of delights, wine a-plenty and, as well as being 

collected from my door, I'm being driven home as well!

Seldom have I felt so at home so instantly. What a wonderful evening! What great memories made.

Despite constant pain my outlook is bright and vistas of new experiences stretch out before me and bring an excitement that, all on its own, kickstarts each new day!

Off to bed very soon and more regular entries promised!

28th JANUARY - Saturday

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15th JANUARY - Sunday